Vortex Lattice Code

A vortex lattice code based on the procedure outlined in the 4th edition of Aerodynamics for Engineers by Bertin has been uploaded as Python byte code.  The program is intended for the analysis of (relatively) high aspect ratio sailboat keels and hence is limited to planar keels/wings (i.e., no camber) of trapezoidal planform.  Given that limitation, the program uses only a single horseshoe vortex in the streamwise direction.  The user may specify any number in the spanwise direction.  Download the code here.
It will come up in a new web page.  Save the page as “vortexlattice.pyc” in
a directory on your computer.

To run the byte code you must have Python installed on your computer.  Given that, and from the directory where you saved the bytecode, run the program with the command:
python “vortexlattice.pyc”

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